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    Directly scan your paper documents to widely accepted document format - PDF for easier document digitization, backup & sharing!


Scan to PDF to Digitize, Backup & Share Your Documents

With the assistance of Fast Scan to PDF Free, documents can be directly scanned to your computer via your scanner and saved as PDF, a widely accepted free document formats. It makes it much easier to digitize your paper documents and store them in your harddisk. The resulting PDF can also be shared without concerning about the operating systems. Now you have the helpful tool right on your desktop to make you a scan-to-PDF pro!


Convert Image to PDF

Fast Scan to PDF Free can also convert images in IPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF and more formats to a single PDF. It can help you build up galleries with all the images you collected and create a PDF album from your photos.


Go Paperless & Save Your Documents!

Almost all types of paper media can be saved from wear-and-tear with this free scan to PDF software. You can scan magazines, newspapers, comic books, banks notes, purchase orders and tons of others. This way you can declutter your home and office and ditch piles of papers.


Adjust Image, Preview, Print & Email

Fast Scan to PDF Free allows you to rotate, flip and crop images in various ways. You can also use it as an image viewer or a PDF reader with ability to add some metadata like title, author, subject, etc. You can print the PDF/image out directly from the program interface. It even automatically send the resulting PDF via Outlook with one-click e-mail attachments.


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What can you do with Fast Scan to PDF Free

How to Scan to PDF for Easy Sharing & Management
How to Scan to PDF for Easy Sharing & Management?

PDF file is an ideal method of viewing, storing and emailing your paper documents. If you have paper documents containing text and graphics and want to read them on your PC, so why not convert them into PDF? With Fast Scan to PDF Free you can digitalize your paper documents like newspapers, magazines, novels, reports, essays, comic books, etc. by turning them directly into PDF files in just a few clicks. [More...]

How to Convert JPG to PDF Documents
How to Convert JPG to PDF Documents?

If you have a lot of image files like photos and drawings laying around, it may be helpful to be able to scan them and save them as PDF files. PDF files take up less space than paper documents, making it convenient to send your digital files by email. Fast Scan to PDF Free just comes in need by scanning paper documents to PDF and converting images in any formats into PDF for easy handling! It allows you to get the best results from scanning and save a number of steps along the way. [More...]

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